May 19, 2023
Be Organized with Properties

We know it sucks to manage files and waste time looking for the right doc. That's why we're introducing a new and flexible way to label and organize your documents.

Whether you're a product manager, a recruiter, marketer or founder, you can use properties to customize your workspace so that there's clarity, transparency, and context for everyone you work with.

Properties are a new type of metadata on Almanac docs consisting of customizable and non-customizable fields. They add standardized tags to docs that help you stay organized and find them fast across your workspace.

The four types of properties are:

  • Text - any single line of text.
  • Single Select - choose a single option from a list of customizable options.
  • Document - choose another document from the workspace.
  • Person - identify a role for a workspace member or guest

You can view and edit the Properties of a document in the References tab in the right sidebar of your doc.

How to use Properties

For someone in People Ops, they could create a Single Select property named "Type" and have several options to choose from to create standardization across the team.

If you're in Operations, you can add a Document property to attach a parent document to the current doc to keep docs connected to a bigger project.

For roles such as a product manager where you do lots of delegation, you can use the Person property to identify who the designer or lead engineer on a project is.

You can even turn on notifications for Person properties to notify people when they've been assigned to a property.

Finally, the Text property is useful to add freeform notes to docs that can be viewed from the All Files page so you don't have to click into each doc to see them.

The default properties for all docs that are not customizable are:

  • The document owner
  • Document creation date
  • Last updated date
  • Word Count

All Files

Now that you have the ability to add properties to documents, we revamped the All Files page to give you full control in how you view and sort your docs.

You can add new columns to the All Files page to display any property you want, while being able to add and change properties to documents from All Files — making it super fast to add properties to docs in bulk.

Properties give you the freedom to customize your workspace for the way you work.

They're another way that we make it easy for you and your team to have all the context you need to stay organized and find what you need — so that you can stay focused on doing the work that really matters.

Coming Soon: Search by Properties

We'll be launching improved Search functionality that will allow you to filter your search options by properties, making it even easier to quickly find the document you are looking for.

Get excited ❤️‍🔥

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