August 4, 2023
More security for your workspace and more optionality for you

We opened up Almanac 2.0 to the world, and built you a snappier share sheet, print preview, single-click bulk export, and a link-sharing restriction.

Almanac 2.0 is now open to the world 🎉
Designed by:
Joel Watkins
Joel Watkins
Built by:
Luke Tower
Martin Mochetti, Luke Tower

Now, anyone can experience the fastest wiki and workflow tool ever built – no waitlist required.

We'd love for you to check out everything we've been working on. You can get up and running in under 58 seconds (we timed it).

And if you love what we've built, we'd be honored if you told one friend who you think would like it. 

We made you a simpler, snappier share sheet
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Jasmine Feldmann

The new share sheet loads in milliseconds, so now the only thing slowing you down is your mouse.

It's also never felt cleaner – its new organizational layout helps you understand who inherited access, who needs access, and who was granted access in an instant.

Protect your workspace by turning public-link sharing off
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Cem Kocagil

Want that extra level of security?

Now you have it.

Workspace admins can disable public-link sharing, so those precious company secrets stay in your workspace, and don't end up on Google.

Print preview docs and export your entire workspace in a single click

Print preview is now available, so you only have to print things once.

And, if you're a workspace admin, you can export EVERY doc in your workspace with a single click (go to your workspace settings).


  • We updated the look of our command line to provide a more focused place for your next action(s) in Almanac.
  • We improved your file navigation experience. Now, we scroll the sidebar to the specific file you are viewing if you expand its parent folder, and we won't automatically expand a file's folder in the sidebar when the file is opened directly by link.
Bug Fixes
  • It's easier to embed Google Docs within an Almanac doc using the provided embed code.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not easily update the destination folder when creating a new document.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not create a new item underneath the Favorites section.