May 17, 2023
Changes to your workspace's navigation

Our goal at Almanac is to help you build a world-class culture of documentation, collaborate with transparency, and move faster without meetings. 

To do that, you need to be able to find work in two clicks or less, keep your docs organized effortlessly, and share well-designed knowledge bases with your team, customers, or clients.

We're excited to share some changes to Almanac that help you do just that.

Finding work in two clicks or less 

A new, personalized home page

We’ve evolved the Recents page into Home, a curated space to access important work.

From Home, you can launch into:

  • Docs you recently updated or created
  • Your most frequently visited docs
  • Docs your team has been working on across the workspace (that you have access to)

Quick access navigation

In the top corner of the Navigation Sidebar on the left side, there are two new one-tap access points to your work:

A 🕓 “Recent” tray that lists the docs you most recently visited, so you can easily get back to the work you're doing.

A 🔔 “Notifications” tray with the latest comments, tasks, and Reviews you’re involved in. The tray also shows access requests for doc sharing you can respond to in one click.

  • The Notifications tray auto-archives closed reviews and resolved comments and tasks, so it only displays the most relevant updates for you.

Other improvements

  • For individual docs shared with you where you don’t have access to the parent folder, there’s a new “Shared With Me" page.
  • With the addition of Notifications, we've removed the "Inbox" tab from the Navigation Sidebar.  

Staying organized effortlessly

Overhauled Navigation Sidebar

The left sidebar in your workspace now divides your files into three sections:

  • Team: Files admins want to highlight. You only see pinned files you have access to.
  • Shared: Files others have access to, or that are shared with you.
  • Personal: Files to only you have access to.

You can expand any folder to see every file inside of it using the > to its left. You can also drag and drop files from one folder to another in the left sidebar. The system will warn you when moving doc or folder changes who currently has access to it. 

Mentioned files, external links, and section headers

For docs that are relevant across projects and teams, you can also mention docs that don’t live in that folder. You can also add external links to non-Almanac file types (such as Figma Files, Google Sheets, or PDFs) that would be helpful to see alongside your documentation. For folders with a lot of files, you can add collapsible section headers to organize your work.

View as a Database

By default, navigating to a folder on the Sidebar will show the first doc inside of it. You can rearrange which doc is first in a folder via drag and drop on the left sidebar.

For folders whose content you’d like to manage with additional metadata and properties, toggling the “View as Database” option in the right click menu will open a table view of the folder’s contents in the main pane instead of showing the first doc.

Sharing knowledge, beautifully

Focus View

To see only the contents of a folder, as you would a wiki or a handbook, you can click on the  "[| ]" icon in the Navigation Sidebar to zoom into just that folder’s files.

Sharing a folder by link will automatically show it in Focus View—perfect for wikis, customer service centers, or client documents.

Customized Design

You can also customize the look and feel of a folder in Focus View by changing its background color, and adding your logo at the top when you share by link.

Future improvements 

Coming up, get ready for a Workspace Home and Directory experience, supercharged Tasks and a consolidated To Do tab, custom workspace templates, and document/folder breadcrumbs.

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