May 19, 2023
Connect Almanac to Slack and GitHub

We've made it easier for Almanac to fit right into your existing workflows with integrations to Slack and GitHub.

Slack Integration

Streamline your notifications using the Almanac app for Slack. This makes it quick and easy to respond to activities in your workspace directly in Slack, including:

  • Access Invitations: when you are given access to a document.
  • Access Requests: when you are the owner of a document or a folder that someone has requested access to.
  • Comments & Replies: when new comments or replies are made in Almanac docs or folders you created.
  • Mentions: when you are tagged in a comment.

Learn more about how to Connect Almanac to Slack.

GitHub Integration

Connect Almanac with your GitHub organization so you can embed issues and pull requests within your docs for easy access. Once connected, you can simply type /embed​ and find the GitHub option, or use the Embed button in the Insert ribbon.

Learn more about how to Connect GitHub with Almanac.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Make your code examples beautiful and easy to parse. You can now quickly change the language and code block themes with an inline format bar.
  • We added security measures to the workspace share link so it automatically changes every 7 days and can be rotated on demand.
  • You can now transfer the ownership of folders as well as individual docs. Trade ya!
  • We updated the tasks page for a cleaner experience adding new tasks. Finishing your list is hard, but writing it up should be easy!
  • We simplified the sidebar navigation on mobile, hiding the settings and import options for easier access to actions you'll take on the go.
  • Quickly add a doc, link or section from anywhere in your handbook index with the updated menu options.

Paper Cut Fixes

We fixed:

  • Workspace document styles so they fully function with the new editor.
  • The "last modified" date for documents so the property accurately reflects your recent changes.
  • The inline insertion menu (typing /​) no longer covers up text as you type. Phew!
  • Editing properties on newly added columns in your All Files.
  • Copying and pasting multiple cells in tables.
  • Search functionality for guests or unauthorized users.
  • The editor stalling for unauthorized users with edit access.
  • Code block font rendering.
  • Changing the text type of a header or title so it no longer affects the line underneath.

Have feedback? Book a Session with our product team to share your top feature requests and get a sneak peak of upcoming features.

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