June 7, 2023
Find everything you need to work on, in one place

To make it easier to keep track of your action items, we've built a new To Do tab as a central home for all of your reviews and tasks. Folder formatting options are now available on your folders in focus view, and we've made groups more discoverable for easy sharing of content.

A consolidated space for your tasks and reviews
Designed by:
Ivan Manolov
Ivan Manolov, Raoul Korzuschek
Built by:
Fabian Rydel
Gregorio Setti
Fabian Rydel, Gregorio Setti

Staying on top of everything requiring your attention shouldn't require checking multiple places. Today, we released our new To Do tab: one home for all of your outstanding Reviews, Approvals, and Tasks.

Now, you can see everything you're responsible for and everything you've requested from your team, all in one place.

  • Use the 'Assigned to You' tab to execute on items where your input is needed
  • Use the 'Your Requests' tab to view progress on Reviews and Tasks you have requested from others

With the release of the new To Do tab, we're retiring the ability to create Tasks which are not attached to a document ("Legacy Tasks"). If you have Legacy Tasks, they will be accessible from the To Do tab until 6/16.

Dress up your handbook and wiki sidebars 🌈
Designed by:
No items found.
Steven Ko
Built by:
Gregorio Setti
Gregorio Setti

Your handbooks, wikis, and public-facing documents deserve to stand out from the crowd. Now, when a folder is in focus view, you can personalize the look and feel of the left rail.

Express your creativity and stay true to your company's brand with:

  • Sidebar background color schemes in every shade of the rainbow, plus Almanac's signature gradients (access these from Folder Settings → Sidebar).
  • A custom logo image at the top of the sidebar, which can be customized for each sub-folder (just navigate to Folder Settings → Branding).

Coming soon, we're working on brand new theme colors to delight your readers.

Share content easily with discoverable groups
Designed by:
No items found.
Steven Ko
Built by:
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Jasmine Feldmann

Groups are a helpful way to manage access permissions and share content with different teams across your workspace. We've made groups more discoverable, so you can easily send requests, share content, and build workflows. These changes allow you to:

  • See the names of all open and closed groups within your workspace, and which individuals are in those groups.
  • See all the groups a member of your team is a part of.

We've also updated the experience of viewing a user's profile in your workspace. Now, when you click on a member's name or avatar, you'll be taken to to the member's profile which displays their contact info and what groups they are in.

Bug Fixes
  • We updated the Workspace Properties page for workspace admins. You can now quickly reference the existing properties being used across your workspace, and we've made it simpler to add new ones.
  • To give users more clarity on custom properties versus metadata about their document, we've separated out custom properties from "Doc Info" in the right sidebar of documents.
  • To make transferring ownership of docs even simpler, any user with edit access on a document can now take ownership of it.
  • We fixed a bug where the focused view of a folder was not working when in Safari.
  • We fixed an issue where adding a value to a property from the right sidebar would add a duplicate of the property.
  • We fixed a bug where you were previously unable to remove a Group from your favorite
  • We added 'Shift + Enter' support for adding items in the left sidebar, so you can easily add more than one document at a time.
  • We fixed an issue where publicly sharing folders with non-Almanac users was temporarily not working.
  • We've updated the link for our Almanac product tour on the homepage.