May 19, 2023
Get Organized with Workspace Properties

Workspace Properties

Properties provide transparency and context on your docs, and you now have a place to manage workspace-wide properties in your Account Settings. In addition to the Almanac defaults, you can get as creative as you like making your own default properties for your workspace.

  • Default properties are always added to all docs in your workspace. Examples: Teams or departments, roles, last opened date, reviewer or approver
  • Optional properties are available to add to any doc in the workspace. Examples: Projects, features, nicknames or codenames, company themes

Workspace properties are available for everyone, but only admins can create, update, or delete them. As an example, you could create a default "Team" property that would be included on all docs, and make an optional "Nickname" property for folks to use if they choose. We're all for adding a little fun and personality to our docs! Learn more about Properties.

Get to Inbox Zero

Your Almanac Inbox got a batch of updates to help you speed through notifications and tackle your action items.

  • See what items need your attention at a glance with updated inbox activity icons
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate through your notifications
  • Get notified about new tasks, and when tasks are completed or deleted
  • Follow up on comment threads with the option to resolve, snooze, or archive

A Home for Handbooks

As your team grows, so does the need to keep your docs and handbooks well organized. We released a new page to make it easier to access and organize handbooks in your workspace:

  • All Handbooks - all handbooks in your workspace
  • Your Handbooks - handbooks that you created
  • Shared with You - handbooks that you've been granted access to

To make your workspace navigation more flexible, you can "Favorite" a Handbook and reorganize your Favorites via drag and drop to prioritize the docs or handbooks that you always want on hand. Learn more about Handbooks.

Supercharged Search

Can't remember the title of that doc you're looking for? Not a problem. Almanac indexes all content within your documents and prioritizes search results with the most relevant matches, so you can quickly find anything and everything in your workspace.

Quality of Life Improvements

Super Admins now have more control and flexibility within your workspace, including the ability to:

  • View, edit, and delete all handbooks within your workspace
  • Change access permissions of handbooks
  • Edit the handbook index without being added as a "handbook owner"
  • Transfer ownership of all documents and folders
  • Toggle on/off your "Super Admin view" on the All Files page to reduce clutter (so you don't have to sort through ALL docs in your workspace!)
  • Assigning a task will now send email notifications and reminders, so you don't forget to follow up!
  • Prior to deleting a table with content, you'll see a confirmation modal to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Quickly add a splash of color to your docs with one-click defaults for highlighting, color box and quotes.

Spring (Bug) Cleaning

  • Inbox unread notification counts are in sync now.
  • You can cut/copy + paste color boxes and quotes.
  • Copying and pasting header section links now works as expected.
  • Adding images through URL links now works.
  • Mentions in headers are fixed, so you can reference docs or people without breaking your header formatting.
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