May 19, 2023
Handbook Improvements and a new Inbox

This week we shipped several highly-requested improvements to handbooks as well as a new way to triage comments in Almanac.

Handbook improvements

At the request of many of our helpful beta customers, we've made several improvements to Handbooks:

  • All headings (H1, H2, H3) can be used in composing a handbook, and are displayed in the Handbook Navigation sidebar.
  • Nested mentions are now supported and indent accordingly in the Handbook Navigation sidebar.
  • The handbook icon is more prevalent, displayed in the Handbook Navigation sidebar as well as in the top bar by the handbook's name.
  • External links that are in a list will now display in the Handbook Navigation sidebar with a link icon.
  • Admins can change the color of the handbook icon.

With these improvements, you now have even more flexibility to design a handbook the way you see fit for your company's documentation.

The new Inbox

We've added the Inbox as a new page in the navigation sidebar for a centralized place to view and respond to comments on documents. Designed similarly to an email inbox, this new page allows you to quickly work through comments across docs, all from one place.

Previously comments, tasks, and workflow requests were all mixed together in the Tasks page – comments are now solely managed in the Inbox.

From the Inbox you can:

  • View all unread and read comments
  • View a preview of the comment contextually in the doc
  • Reply to comments and open threads
  • Resolve comments
  • Filter notifications by Active, Unread, or All
  • Sort notifications by date received, by the document, or by the requester

The right panel shows a preview of the document that can be expanded for a greater viewing experience.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bugs around comment resolution (marks remaining after comment resolution, comments being resolved without user action)
  • Improved overall browser responsiveness
  • Simplified the experience for merging branches without any other editors
  • Added new illustrations for merging a branch
  • Enabled "turn into" from text to quotes
  • Changed the default doc icon from thought bubble emoji to a doc icon

ps. Want to join the fun in making Almanac better every week? We're hiring.

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