May 19, 2023
The brand new Almanac doc editor

Introducing the new and improved Almanac document editor: a flexible and fast document editor that gives you full control over the formatting and presentation of your documents.

Powered by sophisticated collaborative features like workflows, version control, and tasks, Almanac is the most powerful document editor for collaboration—and everything else.

The new editor roll rolls out to select users this week and will be available to all users in January 2022.

Interested in taking the new editor for a spin? Sign up here.

A new look for a new document experience

The new editor gives you total control of how you format, edit, view, and collaborate on your documents. So you can make your documents as unique as your projects.

The new toolbar across the top of the editor surfaces all your options in a way that's easy to access. No more scrolling through tiny drop-downs—everything you need in a simple, elegant view.

Format to your heart's desire

The Format tab organizes all the ways that you can format text components in your document.

New additions to formatting options include:

  • Select font
  • Change font size
  • Adjust line height
  • Format text as Subscript or superscript
  • Clear styles
  • Box

Docs as dynamic as you

The Insert tab houses all the elements that you can insert into your documents:

Available elements include:

  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Checklists
  • Code
  • Mentions (Docs or Workspace Members)
  • Emojis
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Embeds (Airtable, Figma, Github, Google Maps/Docs/Forms/Sheets/Slides, Loom, Miro, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube)
  • Code Blocks
  • Files
  • Templates

With Almanac, you can take your docs to the next level.

Make moves—fast

The File tab organizes all the actions you can take on your document so you can collaborate and organize without stopping.

Available options include:

  • Create a branch
  • Make a copy
  • Save as a Template
  • Move the document to a folder
  • Add it as a Favorite
  • Create a new doc
  • View the Version Selector
  • View the Activity View
  • Open Templates
  • Export the document
  • Publish the document to the Almanac Core

Your document, your canvas.

The layout tab displays all the ways that you can view and layout your document.

Page View
Web view

Available options include:

  • Web View - Layout with a borderless editing experience.
  • Page View - Layout content into different page sizes with headers and footers.
  • Fixed Width - Layout with content fixed to the center of the editor.
  • Full Bleed - Layout with content going from edge-to-edge of the editor.

Improved Tables, Images, Lists, Embeds

We've also reworked how our tables, images, lists, and embeds function in the editor, improving performance as well as placements so you can customize your documents as you wish.

👀 This is just a sneak peak... even more power is coming to you very soon 🦸

Sign up here to get early access.

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